Top 5 gay male tube sites on the net

Tube sites are extremely popular among gay men. That is why we gathered a list of the best gay tube sites on the net.

What is great about tube porn sites is that they are free. You can get a ton of content and enjoy it without paying a dime. Of course, even though the amount of content on these sites is unreal, large premium gay sites like and always keep their best content exclusive for their paid members.

Even with that in mind, gay men tube sites are here to stay and that is the reason why we created a list of the best gay male tube sites on the net. Enjoy.

#1 Gay Male Tube

Gay male tube is one of the largest gay tube sites

This site is the aggregator of thousands of gay videos published on gay tube sites around the net. Although it still don’t have their own content and the ability to upload video, it is extremely popular as it is quick, easy to browse and has a ton of content.

Check Gay Male Tube.

#2 Xhamster Gay

Xhamster is one of the largest tube sites and it has a huge gay section.

Although it is not primarily a gay only site, Xhamster has a ton of gay videos uploaded every day. This tube site hosts the videos and allows uploads so you can get in touch with people uploading videos, connect with members etc. It is an amazing site and we sincerely hope they will just grow for years to come.

Visit Xhamster Gay.

#3 Ice Gay TV

Ice gay has grown a lot in the last few years. Way to go.

Ice Gay TV is the site that allows upload. It’s lightning fast, and although it doesn’t have a huge community it’s growing every day. We like the layout and the fact there is no many ads on the site, and we think it’s place is well deserved on this list.

Go to Ice Gay TV.

#4 Pornhub Gay

You probably wouldn’t want to miss the gay section at one of the largest porn tube sites on the net.

PornHub is the site everyone knows about. It is massive and has millions of visits every day. Naturally, it’s gay section has grown to significant size with hundreds of thousands of members contributing every day. It’s one of the most important bookmarks a serious gay men must have.

Check out Pornhub Gay.

#5 Gay Sex Realm

Gay sex realm is quick and easy to browse. Although it is much smaller then the sites above, we had to nominate one underdog.

Yes, this is the site much smaller than the sites that we listed above, but we had to nominate one underdog. This site is combination of aggregator (collecting and posting videos uploaded to sites like Xhamster and PornHub) and a community where users contribute their own photos and videos. We love the flaw and atmosphere on this site, and we give them a huge thumbs up.

Visit Gay Sex Realm.

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