Top gay spandex videos

Warning: Cock cumming in spandex can be highly addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We noticed that videos of gay men in spandex have a ton of views and that they are extremely popular among gay men. Well that’s not much of a surprise concerning that I myself get a hardon each time I see a guy wearing tight leggings or bicycle shorts, with his shaft bulging below.

That’s exactly why we decided to collect and publish the best videos of gay men in spandex playing and cumming. Here’s what we have for you:

#1 Full spandex gay men humping

Although it’s short it gives me a hard on each time I watch.

This video by Xhamster user robert1975 is one of the first videos featuring gay men in spandex that I found and I developed an addiction right away. Watch and enjoy.

Update: There’s another video that robert1975 published on his Xhamster channel more recently. It’s a bit longer (around 7 minutes) and shows two men dressed fully in spandex enjoying each other in a hotel room. You can check it out here.

#2 Spandex hands free cumpilation

Collection of gay men in spandex cumming.

Definitely one of the hottest collections of gay men in spandex cumming. Make sure that you watch it, you will love it!

#3 Two guys humping in spandex

They enjoy it so much that they don’t want to take it off.

It is rather amateur video but it clearly shows how horny these two guys got while rubbing each other’s cock in spandex. Too bad they didn’t show a cumshot in this video.

#4 Spandex family fun (with uncle Pete)

Spandex fun with his uncle.

This video is not amateur, instead it is a full scale porn production where they took advantage of highly popular niche – gay men in spandex. We felt like including some of professionally recorded videos so that you could get a feeling what you can also find. Also, the guys (and uncle) are not bad at all!

#4 Koalamen – Big herc and his small shaft in spandex

Check out this huge black guy packing his cock in tiny spandex thong.

After watching this you can say you’ve seen it all. And I must say I get turned on every time I watch this. See this enormously huge black guy with not so huge cock packing it in a tiny thong. To be honest most interesting and exciting part is a second part of the video where he jacks his shaft and cums on his belly. I wouldn’t mind joining him at all.


Top 5 free interracial gay videos

Although the list might be much bigger, we think you will have enough for more than one cumshot.

There’s a large interest in interracial videos which have grown to a huge popularity in the recent years. After all who would mind watching a hd video of black huge cock ramming a tight white ass or massive white shaft pounding a soft black ass. Or black and white cock double penetrating an young Asian boy with tiny penis or… wow. Before I get too excited I present the list that everyone is talking about…

#1 White bull destroys black boy hole

If you thought only the other way around is possible, check out this 30 minute HD video.

White bull Rocco Steele is destroying Phoenix Fellington‘s ass in this amazing interracial gay fuck HD video. I am sure you will watch it several times, Kissing and cumshot scene at the end is amazing, but I liked Phoenix’s cumshot better!

#2 Interracial black & white gay group sex with Rhyheim Shabazz, Devin Franco, Dakota Payne & Krave Melanin

Ultimate interracial bareback gay group sex.

This video is not so easy to describe. Not only that it is HD and 20 minutes long, it also feature some of the hottest ass pounding and gay group fucking that we ever saw. Ass cumshot at 16th minute is something you can’t miss.

#3 Black daddy pounding a young white boy

Muscled black dad pounding white boy’s ass.

Damn, if only this video was of a better quality! It’s amazing, and the best part is cumming. I love their pose and the way the white boy is cumming all over black guy’s cock. This video is a must watch!

#4 The Senator

Watch two black guys fucking the Senator. Priceless.

Two horny black guys have ‘recruited’ themselves a senator. Now this ‘man of the people’ will get some donations he’ll really like! Legislate, fornicate, it’s all in a days work!

#5 Cade Maddox and Rhyheim Shabazz fuck Sean Zevran

Amazing interracial fuck fest over 1 hour long.

This video should probably be ranked higher on the list! Not only it is HD, but it’s also over 1 hour long! Check out these guys sucking and fucking each others brains out!


Colin & Diego in Blind Lust

Another piece of premium hardcore gay fucking from They just took it to a whole new level with this.

These two guys are on it like there’s no tomorrow.

Another reason to check out They are simply amazing.


Top 5 gay male tube sites on the net

Tube sites are extremely popular among gay men. That is why we gathered a list of the best gay tube sites on the net.

What is great about tube porn sites is that they are free. You can get a ton of content and enjoy it without paying a dime. Of course, even though the amount of content on these sites is unreal, large premium gay sites like and always keep their best content exclusive for their paid members.

Even with that in mind, gay men tube sites are here to stay and that is the reason why we created a list of the best gay male tube sites on the net. Enjoy.

#1 Gay Male Tube

Gay male tube is one of the largest gay tube sites

This site is the aggregator of thousands of gay videos published on gay tube sites around the net. Although it still don’t have their own content and the ability to upload video, it is extremely popular as it is quick, easy to browse and has a ton of content.

Check Gay Male Tube.

#2 Xhamster Gay

Xhamster is one of the largest tube sites and it has a huge gay section.

Although it is not primarily a gay only site, Xhamster has a ton of gay videos uploaded every day. This tube site hosts the videos and allows uploads so you can get in touch with people uploading videos, connect with members etc. It is an amazing site and we sincerely hope they will just grow for years to come.

Visit Xhamster Gay.

#3 Ice Gay TV

Ice gay has grown a lot in the last few years. Way to go.

Ice Gay TV is the site that allows upload. It’s lightning fast, and although it doesn’t have a huge community it’s growing every day. We like the layout and the fact there is no many ads on the site, and we think it’s place is well deserved on this list.

Go to Ice Gay TV.

#4 Pornhub Gay

You probably wouldn’t want to miss the gay section at one of the largest porn tube sites on the net.

PornHub is the site everyone knows about. It is massive and has millions of visits every day. Naturally, it’s gay section has grown to significant size with hundreds of thousands of members contributing every day. It’s one of the most important bookmarks a serious gay men must have.

Check out Pornhub Gay.

#5 Gay Sex Realm

Gay sex realm is quick and easy to browse. Although it is much smaller then the sites above, we had to nominate one underdog.

Yes, this is the site much smaller than the sites that we listed above, but we had to nominate one underdog. This site is combination of aggregator (collecting and posting videos uploaded to sites like Xhamster and PornHub) and a community where users contribute their own photos and videos. We love the flaw and atmosphere on this site, and we give them a huge thumbs up.

Visit Gay Sex Realm.


Top 5 crossdresser videos (that you can watch for free)

For all crossdressers and lovers, we made a list of top 5 videos for them. Enjoy!

Crossdressing is extremely popular recently and we saw a surge of crossdressers visiting our site in the recent year. We will try to publish more of these lists and videos for them to enjoy in the future.

#1 Extremely hot transsexual Patti

Just something to make you started. Although the video is short, we liked Patti and the fact that we can see the massive cum all over her at the end of the video.

#2 Sexy crossdressing games

Beside just this video, we wanted to draw your attention to Alexvicious channel, where you will find a ton of his videos with his partners. Certainly some amazing crossdressing videos that you should not miss.

#3 Sherry Cortney, Samantha and some other t-girl

3 T-gals enjoy each other like only 3 girls like these can. Sucking and kissing and hot naughty play. This is definitely the type of content that we like to see as a foreplay. They are all dressed nicely, the quality of the video could be better, as well as we would like to see more close up fucking, but it definitely has something to it and is worth watching. If you got horny, then check out another Sherry and Samantha video where they are fucking each other (it’s just minute long but it will be enough to make you cum).

#4 CD making love (is that what’s fucking is called now?)

This is one nicely dressed CD with high heels making love. Video is 9 minutes long and it is enough for you to dry your cock. High heels are a plus. Nice stockings, enough of close ups, we love it.

#5 Two men dress up and play in nylon lingerie

It is a bit sick, it is very amateur, it is not so good quality, but we love it!

#6 Motel whoring crossdressers

Crossdressers fucking in a motel room.

We found this clip recently and we liked it right away. I want to keep it here in case that I want to come back to it and jerk to it, as I already did and I had a massive cumshot. I like the hold up nylons and the cumshot and all. The video quality could be better, but I don’t mind as long as both guys are at least partially dressed.

#7 Crossdresser is fucking a crossdresser

Sexy crossdresser is fucking the fat blonde crossdresser in the ass.

They might not be the prettiest CD’s that you’ll ever see (especially the fat blonde being fucked), and they use condom, and there’s no cumshot in the video, but still this video deserved to be on the list. The guy that is fucking is so cute and sexy in those high heels, that I wanted to be able too see him again. He needs to find a prettier partner for sure.

#8 Hot crossdressing couple fucking in black lingerie

These CD girls really know how to turn a man on.

Another CD video that you should not miss. This hot crossdressing couple is fucking each other and cumming on each other in sexy expensive black nylons and garters. Check it out.


Best 5 free hairy gay men videos

As we had a ton of request to feature more hairy gay men on our site, we decided to make this top list of our favorite hairy gay men videos that we found on the net. We reserve our right to expand our collection at any time, and you are free to send us your suggestions.

Now. let’s check out some extremely sexy hairy gay men that we found online.

#1 Hairy gay men fuck session

Prepare for some raw gay fucking! Hairy muscular men having sex on a bed!

Now this is what we call ass ramming and ball breaking action! These two muscular guys really deserve their place on this list!

Over 30 minutes long raw uncensored gay action with some wet grand finale. I am sure you will enjoy them cumming on each other hairy belly!

#2 Hairy bears fucking

Extremely sexy hairy bear men who I would join immediately.

Watch these hairy bears fucking and cumming on each other. Over 18 minutes of extreme hairy bear men to men action and anal.

Cumshots are great, I can imagine them being squirted on that warm chest hair.

#3 Two extremely hairy amateur men fucking

Two amateur hairy gay men fucking in a hotel room.

We thought it would be nice to add some amateur looking men to this list. Although a bit poorer quality, this video has it all, from foreplay to cumshots, all between two extremely hairy gay men.

Prepare for some messy cumshots at the end of this video, we are sure you will like it!

#4 Hairy gay men fucking in the hospital

Not sure if it has to do anything about recent outbreak?

Julian grabs his cock and when he discovers how big it is, he cannot help but pull it out and drop to his knees and start sucking it. Jack then sucks Julian’s big fat cock before rolling him up…

Spoiler: Although the video is great they didn’t show them cumming which is as you know a big minus for us. We love to see cum dripping. However it’s well worth watching if you love hairy gay men.

#5 Bears in love cum on each other’s cock

Watch these bears fuck and cum on each other.

Although one is more hairy than the other, the fact that one less hairy is being fucked makes it hot enough. It’s over 24 minutes long so you can take out your cock on start and still have enough time to cum, maybe even twice.


Rise of the sirens part 3

A gay mermaid? This is fucking sick. And we love it.

No we are not kidding. A gay mermaid.

Whoever had the idea to put two gay men in mermaid suits deserved to be praised! What else can we say about this feature, except that it can’t be described with words. Genius!

Don’t wait. Visit


Top Chaturbate gay cam models with huge cocks

We searched for the best, so that you don’t have to.

Chaturbate is extremely popular recently with thousands of models performing live each day. We thought it would be nice to make a list of hottest male models on Chaturbate for you to enjoy. We spent a day playing and tipping different male models and we had a blast! Here’s what we have gathered for you!

#1 Sexystbboy a hot white hunk with huge cock

Sexystbboy from Chaturbate.

This guy is extremely sexy and hot. Watch him perform live on Chaturbate => Sexystbboy

#2 Jacob_Strokes with his massive cock

Jacob_Strokes from Chaturbate.

Jacob is 20 y.o. student with massive cock. Watch him stroke and cum often on Chaturbate = > Jacob_Strokes

#3 Beautyandthehungbeast

Beautyandthehungbeast cock is enormous.

I dunno what to say. I get a bit depressed after watching a cock like this. He’s one of largest on Chaturbate => Beautyandthehungbeast

#4 Dylan_coll black massive cock

Care for some massive black meat?

This list would not feel complete without some real black meat. Check out Dylan_coll’s black monster cock at Chaturbate => Dylan_coll

#5 Blkcock33 monster black dick

Blkcock33 is packing a huge black meat.

Another amazing black cock. I can’t imagine what I would do with a cock like this. Check it out => Blkcock33

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed these monster cock. Make sure you bookmark us for more cocks to come in the near future.

Take care!


10 top gay porn videos at Xhamster (2019 edition)

Even though 2019 is over, some of these videos are here to stay.

After Xhamster released their stats for 2019, these 10 videos were the most viewed in gay porn videos category. We thought you would like to see them all in one place. Here they are, enjoy and let us know what do you like in comments!

#1 Stepdad punishes rude boy

This has been and absolute winner. Hairy badass drove step dad crazy. Mature man decides to teach him a lesson. Make sure that you read tehe comments!

#2 Tranny Jackie pissing outside

Wtf 🙂 This is sick! Jackie had over 600k views in 2019 with her video where she is filmed pissing outside. Check here out!

#3 Filthy amateur orgy with cocks, toys bisexuals and teens

Over 8 minutes long and over 500k views! This is awesome, you will really not know who fucks who at the end. There are trannies, there are filthy amateur cocks, you choose!

#4 Twink handling enormous black cock

Not so easy to describe this, you simply must watch it. I doubt there are many guys here who would say no to this enormous black monster cock. Take it on and enjoy! My favorite on this list!

#5 DILF and his boy ultimate gay anal fuck

DILF = Dad I’d like to Fuck. Obviously.

#6 video featuring Rocky Vallarta & William Seed

Featuring Rocky Vallarta and William Seed. Clip name “Slip This On” from It had over 550k views at the time of publishing this article.

#7 Daddy bare-backing a skinny boy

Almost 18 minutes featuring a skinny twink and a bearded daddy. Over 500k views.

#8 Step dad threesome with two step sons?

Someone would call this a quality spent family time 🙂

#9 Magical world of Rhyheim Sabazz

Although it’s in Italian, and you will not understand a word, and we do not have a slight clue who Sabazz is, we think that you will enjoy every minute of this video and you will se why!

#9 Best gay threesome ever

Not sure if it’s the best gay twink threesome, but that is what they called this video. Imo it lacks some black meat 🙂

That’s it. Which video do you like the most from this top list?

We are glad that a video from made it to this list, no wonder they are one of our most favorite sites.

Take care and see you in our new post soon!


Work scouting at Sean Cody’s

Spent the morning watching some gay porn at Sean Cody’s. Here’s what I watched.

Another job audition.
Another pervert boss stuck in the office pretending to be normal.
Instead he just wanted some ass and cock.
The boss said he was married.
He was hard as fuck.
It certainly didn’t look like it was his first time.
The guy got his first payment. He was told to come to work tomorrow morning.

I highly recommend that you check Sean Cody for this and more great videos like this one.