Top Chaturbate gay cam models with huge cocks

We searched for the best, so that you don’t have to.

Chaturbate is extremely popular recently with thousands of models performing live each day. We thought it would be nice to make a list of hottest male models on Chaturbate for you to enjoy. We spent a day playing and tipping different male models and we had a blast! Here’s what we have gathered for you!

#1 Sexystbboy a hot white hunk with huge cock

Sexystbboy from Chaturbate.

This guy is extremely sexy and hot. Watch him perform live on Chaturbate => Sexystbboy

#2 Jacob_Strokes with his massive cock

Jacob_Strokes from Chaturbate.

Jacob is 20 y.o. student with massive cock. Watch him stroke and cum often on Chaturbate = > Jacob_Strokes

#3 Beautyandthehungbeast

Beautyandthehungbeast cock is enormous.

I dunno what to say. I get a bit depressed after watching a cock like this. He’s one of largest on Chaturbate => Beautyandthehungbeast

#4 Dylan_coll black massive cock

Care for some massive black meat?

This list would not feel complete without some real black meat. Check out Dylan_coll’s black monster cock at Chaturbate => Dylan_coll

#5 Blkcock33 monster black dick

Blkcock33 is packing a huge black meat.

Another amazing black cock. I can’t imagine what I would do with a cock like this. Check it out => Blkcock33

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed these monster cock. Make sure you bookmark us for more cocks to come in the near future.

Take care!


10 top gay porn videos at Xhamster (2019 edition)

Even though 2019 is over, some of these videos are here to stay.

After Xhamster released their stats for 2019, these 10 videos were the most viewed in gay porn videos category. We thought you would like to see them all in one place. Here they are, enjoy and let us know what do you like in comments!

#1 Stepdad punishes rude boy

This has been and absolute winner. Hairy badass drove step dad crazy. Mature man decides to teach him a lesson. Make sure that you read tehe comments!

#2 Tranny Jackie pissing outside

Wtf 🙂 This is sick! Jackie had over 600k views in 2019 with her video where she is filmed pissing outside. Check here out!

#3 Filthy amateur orgy with cocks, toys bisexuals and teens

Over 8 minutes long and over 500k views! This is awesome, you will really not know who fucks who at the end. There are trannies, there are filthy amateur cocks, you choose!

#4 Twink handling enormous black cock

Not so easy to describe this, you simply must watch it. I doubt there are many guys here who would say no to this enormous black monster cock. Take it on and enjoy! My favorite on this list!

#5 DILF and his boy ultimate gay anal fuck

DILF = Dad I’d like to Fuck. Obviously.

#6 video featuring Rocky Vallarta & William Seed

Featuring Rocky Vallarta and William Seed. Clip name “Slip This On” from It had over 550k views at the time of publishing this article.

#7 Daddy bare-backing a skinny boy

Almost 18 minutes featuring a skinny twink and a bearded daddy. Over 500k views.

#8 Step dad threesome with two step sons?

Someone would call this a quality spent family time 🙂

#9 Magical world of Rhyheim Sabazz

Although it’s in Italian, and you will not understand a word, and we do not have a slight clue who Sabazz is, we think that you will enjoy every minute of this video and you will se why!

#9 Best gay threesome ever

Not sure if it’s the best gay twink threesome, but that is what they called this video. Imo it lacks some black meat 🙂

That’s it. Which video do you like the most from this top list?

We are glad that a video from made it to this list, no wonder they are one of our most favorite sites.

Take care and see you in our new post soon!


Work scouting at Sean Cody’s

Spent the morning watching some gay porn at Sean Cody’s. Here’s what I watched.

Another job audition.
Another pervert boss stuck in the office pretending to be normal.
Instead he just wanted some ass and cock.
The boss said he was married.
He was hard as fuck.
It certainly didn’t look like it was his first time.
The guy got his first payment. He was told to come to work tomorrow morning.

I highly recommend that you check Sean Cody for this and more great videos like this one.


Gay men blog reborn

From now on, it’s back to the roots baby!

As one of the oldest gay blogs on the net, we have been experiencing many ups and downs. Like the whole industry, we were drawn to some popular things like tubes and we got lost in the transition. We admit it.

We are ready to take it back to where it all started. Gay Blog. Like no other. Finding and posting only the hottest gay men and sharing them with our visitors. And that is why thousands of our visitors bookmarked us in the past. And that is why even more will bookmark us in the future.

We want to bring you only the hottest gay men on the net. Stay tuned, we will bring you things that will blow you away.

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Hello gay men!

Welcome to WordPress. This is the not so hot first WordPress post. We decided to left it here, just as a reminder.